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Temporary Water Service Application

  1. Utility Billing Department Information Header
  2. Temporary Water Service Application
  3. Application Must Be Received and Processed Before 3 p.m. for Same Day Service
  4. Is service address different from billing address*
  5. TEMPORARY WATER IS FOR 10 BUSINESS DAYS ONLY. In the event a landlord, homeowner, or Real Estate agent wishes to connect utilities for a limited time to enable cleanup/moving/etc., nonrefundable fee of $30.00 will be collected, payable at time of application. Proof of ownership or right to admittance to the property must be presented upon application, along with a valid photo ID. The connection will be for a maximum of 10 days and will be discontinued at the end of that period, unless requested for earlier cut by the customer. This will not included garbage service unless requested by the customer (which will result in an additional fee of $19.00). No deposit will be required for this service, unless the time needed extends beyond the 10 day period, at which time a deposit will be required to maintain service. A billing (mailing) address, other than the connection address, must be supplied on this application. If there are any additional charges other than minimum water or water/sewer (2,000 gallons), the charges will be billed to the address supplied and ore subject to all other utility provisions provided for in the City Ordinance.
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