Please Be Kind

Please be kind decal

What is the PLEASE BE KIND Program?

The purpose of this initiative is to provide critical information to Crestview’s First Responders, who may encounter community members with special needs or disabilities. The PLEASE BE KIND Program allows for better communication between Crestview’s First Responders and residents.

How does the program work?

After submitting an enrollment form, an alert will be created within the secure Crestview Communications Database. If Dispatch receives a call for service involving the enrolled member’s information (identification, address, vehicle, etc.), Crestview First Responders will be notified of the alert. The alert will be an additional resource for Crestview First Responders to best respond and communicate with all community members.

Who should enroll?

Any individual (or loved one/caregiver on their behalf) who may require special assistance in an emergency, may enroll in the PLEASE BE KIND Program.    This program has been developed with the intent to serve community members, of all ages, who have any special need, disability or limitation that may require specialized assistance to best serve their needs in an emergency.

Ways to enroll:

Download the enrollment form here.  Upon completion of the form in its entirety, e-mail to:

You can also pick-up a form from the Crestview Police Department's Records staff and/or submit them to the department at:     201 Stillwell Blvd, Crestview, FL 32536 Mon-Fri 8 AM- 5 PM

*Please see the additional information sheet located in the Enrollment form.

Download the Please Be Kind Flyer here.