Administrative Services

Several professional services benefiting both the public and the efficient operation of city government fall under this department that reports to the Administrative Services director, who reports to the city manager. These specialized services are:


Human Resources

Hiring the most skillful, qualified and diverse employees for the city’s more than 250-person workforce in all its departments falls under this division. Human Resources works with each specialized department in its recruiting, including finding qualified police officers, firefighters, Public Services staff, librarians and professionals with technical expertise in various fields. For the city’s employees, the division negotiates a competitive benefits package, helps coordinate employee events and recognitions, and seeks employee input through surveys and employee advisory committees on pertinent topics including benefits and evaluations, and listens to and acts on matters of employee concern.


Risk Management

Assuring a safe workplace for city employees and a safe community for residents minimizes unnecessary costs to Crestview taxpayers. The Risk Management Division oversees the city’s worker’s compensation and safety program, property and liability insurance, and manages any litigation that may arise.


Information Technology

The city recognizes the need for a flexible, constantly evolving and secure internal and external information system and employs technology professionals to meet the demand of a modern city’s information transfer needs. From secure email to an eye-catching, informative, useful and up-to-date website, from a substantial telephone network to the new state-of-the-art first responders communications center, Crestview’s IT department maintains both internal and external communications systems.


Public Information

Keeping residents and neighbors throughout the region abreast of Crestview’s always evolving story is the job of the city’s public information officer (PIO). A steady stream of media releases covers a variety of Crestview-centric topics, including upcoming events and activities, announcements of new policies, and “human-interest” stories about Crestview residents and employees who make a difference in our community. The PIO contributes content to the city’s social media and website; designs and writes copy for visual and graphic materials promoting city events; coordinates media coverage of city events; coordinates interviews with city officials; and coordinates some special city events.