Small Business Recovery Grant

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The City of Crestview has developed the Small Business Recovery Grant with the intent of providing relief to small businesses impacted by the Safer-at-Home executive order. To assist with a speedy administration of this program applicants must read the instructions below and complete all forms prior to submitting.  

Grant Application 

Disaster Event: COVID-19 

Application Period:  Open: Wednesday April 29, 2020             Closed: When funding is expended

Funding: Up to $1,500 or the total of eligible costs whichever is less. 

Program Requirements 

Section I Eligibility 

To be eligible for funding through the City of Crestview Small Business Recovery Grant Program applicants must;

  •    Be a for-profit privately held business.
  •    Have a had a physical location with a storefront located inside the City of Crestview city limits as of January 1, 2020.
  •    Have an active Business Tax Receipt at the time of application.
  •     Employee less than 25 employees. (this will be calculated on a full-time equivalent basis - total hours worked/2080 hours)
  •     Provide proof of lease/mortgage expenses and/or utility expenses for the months of March and April 2020,
  •     Be able to demonstrate an impact on revenue resulting from the Safer-at-Home order.
  •    Acknowledge sustained operations requirements. (Businesses are required to maintain operations for a minimum of 30 days following approval of the application.)

Section II Businesses not Eligible 

The following business are not eligible for funding through the Crestview Small Business Grant Program;

  •    Businesses allowed to maintain operations as deemed essential in the Safer-at-Home order.
  •    Nonprofits.
  •    Businesses without a physical location with a storefront.
  •    Businesses without a current Business Tax Receipt.

Section III Additional Funding 

The City of Crestview City Council has seeded the program with $75,000 from Business Tax Receipt funding.  Any additional funding raised for the program will be eligible to applicants as spelled out in section I with the addition of the following businesses; 

  • Restaurants who otherwise qualify with the requirements in section I.

Section IV Required Documentation   

Applicants will be required to provide the following additional information;

  •     Completed application.
  •     Provide proof of required lease/mortgage payments and or utility payments as requested in the application.
  •     Proof of payments made with grant proceeds within 15 days of receipt of funding.

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