Solid Waste & Garbage Information

Starting Oct. 1, 2023, Adams Sanitation is the solid waste disposal provider for the City of Crestview. This is a contract between Adams Sanitation and the City of Crestview. Citizens will still sign up and receive billing through the City of Crestview Utility Office. 

For pickup schedules, information on disposal, and recycling, you can use the widget on this page or visit Adams Sanitation's website

If you would like to speak with an Adams Sanitation representative, email or call 850.537.3282. 

Map - Garbage Pickup Days

Map - Recycling Pickup Day

Adams Sanitation can pick up the following recycling items in the City of Crestview: 

Newspapers (including inserts)

– Clean cardboard

– Mixed paper

– Clean aluminum cans

– Plastic containers and bottles marked with codes 1 through 7

– Clean glass bottles and jars

– Clean tin and ferrous cans