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Sep 16

It's Almost Happy New Year!

Posted to City Clerk by Elizabeth Roy

OK, maybe it's not almost Happy New Year for most of you, but it almost is for the City of Crestview. Our Fiscal year starts October 1, 2016 - almost an anniversary present for the Roy's.
Budgets been (almost) put to bed, and we are ready to rock and roll with the new Year. 

If you want to look at the preliminary budget, it is located under the City Clerk section of the Website, or you can copy and paste this to your web browser:

We still have several Centennial Events during the next few months, starting with the Spirts of Crestview on October 14.   Keep tuned in to see everything that will happen over the last few months of 2016.

Jul 29

Support Crestview Police and First Responders

Posted to Councilman - Whitten by Thomas Sutton

On Saturday, communities across America are showing their support for their police and first responders. Locally, people are gathering at the FWB Police Station and the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office to show support by being there, bringing signs, saying prayers, waving hands, honking horns, etc. from 11 AM until noon. We need to do the same here in Crestview. Join me tomorrow [Saturday] in the parking lot of the Crestview Police Station to show our support. Spread the word, bring friends, but most of all bring prayers for those who protect us on a daily basis.