1. Agendas & Minutes

    Easily find and search for agendas and minutes from various board, commissions, and committees.

  2. Boards & Commissions

    Browse through a list of boards and committees to find meeting information, agendas and minutes, a list of members, and about each committee.

  3. City & County Links

    Browse through a list of links for Crestview, local media, utilities, military bases, schools, Okaloosa County, State of Florida, federal government, and other local area governmental entities.

  4. City Clerk

    Elizabeth (Betsy) Miller Roy was appointed to the office of City Clerk, here you can read about her background, experience, education and family.

  5. City Council

    The City Council is responsible for serving and advancing the general welfare, health, happiness, and safety of our citizens through exercising its legislative authority.

  6. City Forms

    View a list of city forms divided by departments.

  7. Codes & Ordinances

    Visit the Municode website to review the Crestview, Florida code of ordinances.

  8. Departments

    Here you will find a list of departments for the City of Crestview with a brief description of each departments responsibilities and services.

  9. Local Business Tax

    Find out who needs a City of Crestview Business Tax Receipt (Occupational License).

  10. Mayor

    David Cadle was elected Mayor of Crestview, here you can read about his background, experience, and education.

  11. Public Notices

    Read through a list of the City of Crestview public notices.