Communication Center

Dispatch Center

Welcome to the Crestview Fire Dispatch Center. This facility is located at the Crestview Public Safety Building and is the nerve center for the City of Crestview's Fire Communication Services.


From this center, our dedicated dispatchers answer 911 Emergency calls, monitor fire radio transmissions, and dispatch fire personnel for the City of Crestview, Florida.

The dispatch personnel ensure that in case of an emergency, you are able to quickly contact Fire, Police or Emergency Medical Personnel to assist you.

This center is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Fire Dispatch Center utilizes Fire Rescue Systems Computer Aided Dispatch Program to maintain and dispatch all fire vehicles and personnel.
Communication Center

Non-Emergency Numbers

For non-Emergency calls, you can reach the dispatch center at the following numbers:
  • Crestview Police Dispatch Center: 850-682-2055
  • Crestview Fire Dispatch Center: 850-682-3741
On behalf of all the Fire Dispatchers, please have a safe and pleasant day.