About the Painter

Sandra Saltness Parks

Sandra Saltness Parks is at home with many a medium in the world of art, from the easel to the Macintosh, but her most celebrated work has been as a portrait painter.

Ray Barnes

Georgia Governor Ray Barnes and his wife Marie attended a reception in Destin, Florida for the opening of an exhibition of her work. The oil portrait of Georgia's First Lady was the centerpiece of the show. Another commissioned portrait of Mrs. Barnes hung in the Governor's office in the Capitol, and a double portrait hung in the Governor's mansion.
Sandra Saltness Parks Indians Mural


Saltness studied with Marc Chatov and attended workshops with Bettina Steinke, Nelson Shanks and others. FOLIO magazine wrote of Ms. Parks: "Her works reveal a fresh, direct application technique rather than a more blended tightness that might threaten each stoke out of individual color..."


She is a specialist in color and co-author of the book Success through Color Charisma. Her trademark color system has been applied in fields as diverse as marketing, photography, fashion, and optometry.

What She Is Up to Now

You may see her out and about - at her easel painting the new Saltness and Others series. If she asks you to add a stroke to her painting...do. It's fun. She is also at work on a book titled Portraits of the Emerald Coast.


Ms. Parks is a member of Merit of the Portrait Society of Atlanta, a member of the Portrait Society of America, and the Cultural Arts Association.

In the Artist's Own Words- the Soul of a Painter. . .

"Why do I have this insatiable need to paint? It is as if I am chock-full of paintings all wanting to come out. I have been interviewed by TV, newspapers, and magazines and have had wonderful things said about me. One of the nicest was an email from the ultimate portrait painter/teacher Nelson Shanks during an Atlanta Portrait Society Member of Merit Exhibition. Becoming a Member of Merit is quite a challenge. Ten paintings are examined by three noted art judges. The work is rated on thirteen areas like color, design, etc. You need to be thick-skinned because the judges are brutal. All of that's great. But that doesn't have anything to do with the reason why I paint.
Sandra Saltness Parks Painting
The best compliment I have received was from an ordinary man while I was painting in the BellSouth Building in Atlanta. An athlete would have described my state as "being in the zone." I stood and painted for eight hours oblivious to my surroundings. As I was packing up my gear, the man appeared and said, "I have been sitting at that table all day watching you paint. I have called my friends to come by, and I have showed them your paintings. I just want to tell you that-you paint with soul."